Greenboard VS. Durock

    “I like to use Greenboard for my showers because it is a waterproof material” – We hear this all the time. 

Greenboard, also known as Aquabloc, it is not fully “waterproofing” product, it is merely “water resistant”.   Home owners make this mistake all the time.  Let’s take a look at both products.  Greenboard composition is the exact same as Sheetrock board.  They both come in 4’ x 8’ boards.  The center of both boards is gypsum and gypsum is porous.  The difference with Greenboard is that thin green color paper backing; everyone calls “water resistant” backing covering the gypsum board.  If you’ll cut the Greenboard paper/backing, it will allow water to penetrate the board thus causing mildew.  Most of the contractors offer Greenboard product to owners, simply because it is easy to cut and small amount of cost savings. 

05285030_L   So here is an example from our hands down experience: during demolitions of bathrooms we have encountered the Greenboard was wet, moldy and certainly not durable once it got wet.  Durock or Wonderboard on the other hand, is a mold resistant and was a very durable panel with water blocking aspect.  That says performing demolitions on many bathrooms, we have never seen Durock moldy or damaged.  Durock may be harder to cut, and cost a few more dollars, however, it’s more durable and truly “water resistant” material than Greenboard! So  the next time when you hear your contract offer you to use of Greenboard ask them what the difference is and see  what they’ll say.  We at Alpha Builders Group say if you have a choice, always go with the better product, especially for bathrooms and showers, it will definitely give you a longer lasting finish product, and will eliminate  huge expense to repair water leaks and wood rot replacement.

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