Quality Is At Our Core

All of the homes built by Alpha Builders Group are required to be built at the highest standards we can build them. This starts from the ground up. It’s the quality from the core of the construction on out to the physical and aesthetic quality of the finishes.


We are moving along quickly with construction at our 305 Tillery Street project considered to be part of the family of home at our Modern Homes on Tillery. And, we are building these with the same quality and standards of construction you will find in all of our homes. It’s not an added feature but a standard. Things such as:

  • ~ Six inch (2X6) exterior walls.
  • ~ Spray foam filling all exterior walls including garages and the roof deck (the underside of the roof so that the attic space is enclosed within the air conditioned space of the home).
  • ~ Zip System waterproofing to protect homes from water.

The architecture and placement of our buildings is of the utmost importance to us as well. We spend a great deal of time on understanding the landscape and planning the homes for the optimum use of what the natural environment provides. Take a look at 305 Tillery Street in East Austin, Texas, a part of our Modern Homes on Tillery, and you’ll see what we mean. We have preserved an important and beautiful old oak tree that stands right in the middle of the two buildings there creating a magnificent visual addition to the homes not to mention providing all important shade for both the residences.


Alpha Builders Group doesn’t just plan for a wonderful home, we plan for the whole living space. We ensure that not only the largest details are integral in the process, but also that the small details are considered. Details such as Spray Foam in every exterior wall and an Oak Tree to shade the home and the such are all important details in building the best quality home possible for you, our homebuyers. We understand that we are not selling a house, but a home.


The homes at 305 Tillery Street offer an exciting new option on Tillery Street. Alpha Builders Group is excited about these new modern homes under way at 305 Tillery Street just down the road from our Modern Homes on Tillery project. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of living in this exciting new area of East Austin. With Modern Homes on Tillery coming along so quickly and successfully, we are thrilled for the opportunity to offer some new homes in this exciting and vibrant area of town.

Discover 305 Tillery Street in East Austin … Quality Living.

The location is certainly something that helps separate these modern new homes, but it’s also the top quality homes we build in one of the most exciting growing new neighborhoods in Austin, Texas that truly separates us. We at Alpha Builders Group have worked hard to ensure that our homes are built with the best quality products and installed by the best artisans and craftsmen available anywhere.


Contact one of our representatives for information about these modern new homes and the available units remaining. Get in now to help customize your new home or come by to better understand the difference a community designed exclusively for the new modern lifestyle can provide. It’s in the holistic design, the quality interiors, and the location near it all.

Share your thoughts with us or contact our Modern Homes on Tillery agent for more information. Stay tuned to the blog for more on these exciting new home communities and come out to visit any of our new modern homes. Inquire with us for more information and be a part of the modern new vibe developing in East Austin.

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