WOW! Spaces and Efficient Places in the New Homes from Alpha Builders Group in Downtown East Austin, Texas

Creating WOW! That’s something not always easy to do with new homes of today. But, that’s exactly what we do with the new modern home designs from Alpha Builders Group. It’s especially hard in a smaller home, but focusing on efficient home designs where we use the space we have to the fullest is how to make sure that you not only get the best use of space in your new home, but also the most WOW for your buck.


The Design Team at Alpha Builders Group strongly implements using every square inch to our advantage and to create space that creates WOW as well as provides a useful function for the home and the homeowner. The homes at our new Modern Homes on Tillery community provide a perfect example of how design can lead to function. We have incredible bathrooms that jump out with as much pizzazz as you’d find in any home on a half acre site in the suburbs. We do it in the homes we’re building on Tillery Street by looking at the design and maximizing the efficiency of the space. It’s the understanding of how important the use of space is for our new homebuyers that allows us to create the WOW Factor in direct correlation to the Efficiency Factor. They are both important Factors, and we work hard to make sure you get the best of both. It’s something we firmly believe in and incorporate in every design.


Our design team looks in to every square inch when it comes to the home, including office space with the perfect design layout. Alpha Builders Group understands the trends and styles as well as the accessibility of the home when building all our homes and we strongly believe in the use of natural light knowing how important natural light is for the state of mind. Clearly understanding Trends and Styles helps us be the best developer and builder of all our homes and condos in downtown Austin, Texas. Our homeowners are savvy buyers clearly understanding the Quality and Craftsmanship we put into all of our homes and condos alike.

We have had tremendous interest in our new Modern Homes on Tillery from the beginning and are selling quickly. We will likely sell out of this community fast, so don’t hesitate to buy your new home in East Austin, Texas or you may not have the chance.

Move In NOW … Tillery Street in East Austin … Selling Quickly.

At Alpha Builders Group, we don’t sacrifice the quality we put in to building our homes and the speed with which they are selling is a telling sign that our homeowners really love what we are doing in Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida and in all the communities we build. They love the quality of the craftsmanship and the amount of energy efficient features we put in the homes we build.


We are finishing homes in several locations including where we are nearing completion of our latest new homes at Modern Homes on Tillery. These homes are nearing completion, so don’t wait to get on the list of interested buyers. Or, contact us directly to help you with your new home needs. We take care of our Realtors, so be sure to bring your buyers by to discuss how we can help customize a home for them.

Move In NOW … Tillery Street in East Austin … Selling Quickly.

Alpha Builders Group’s homes are truly the most beautiful new modern homes with an amazing number of special details and custom finishes to go along with our awesome craftsmanship and energy efficient construction techniques in the Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida regions. You’ll want to live in an Alpha Builders Group home. There’s a difference.


With downtown living at Modern Homes on Tillery and its highest quality design and attention to details, you won’t see the sacrifice of quality over price. What you will see is downtown Austin at its most beautiful. We are building the same kind of quality custom-style homes you’d find anywhere. We look at every detail and ensure these homes are built to the highest standards with the most energy efficient solutions available.

We continue to have tremendous interest in our new Modern Homes on Tillery. It’s a great place to live in the heart of everything Austin has to offer. We are selling out of this community fast, so don’t hesitate to buy your new home now in East Austin, Texas before we’re all sold out!

Contact one of our representatives for information about these modern new homes and the available homes remaining. Get in now to help customize your new home or come by to better understand the difference a community designed exclusively for the new modern lifestyle can provide. It’s in the holistic design, the quality interiors, and the location near it all.

Share your thoughts with us or contact our Modern Homes on Tillery agent for more information. Stay tuned to the blog for more on these exciting new home communities and come out to visit any of our new modern homes. Inquire with us for more information and be a part of the modern new vibe developing in East Austin.

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