Drywall Smooth Finishes Level 5

Are you looking for a high standard finish for the walls or ceilings of your home, apartment or commercial building?

Do you seek to achieve a perfectly smooth wall or ceiling devoid of any textures or imperfections? Then, you definitely need a Level 5 Finish.


Alpha Builders Group – Custom Home Builder – Drywall Finish Levels

                What is a Level 5 Finish?

A Level 5 Finish is a technique for finishing drywall that leaves the entire surface of your walls or ceiling completely smooth. This means that you will not be able to notice any bumps or textures.

It is a subcategory of Drywall which is the highest standard in the industry. A Level 5 Finish is the main choice of many custom homes, apartments and buildings and its takes a lot of skills and expertise to achieve it.                                                                          

Alpha Builders Group – Custom Home Builder - Drywall Level 5

Alpha Builders Group – Custom Home Builder – Drywall Level 5


 When is a Level 5 Finish Needed?

Level 5 Finish is needed on your walls and ceiling in any of these situations:

·         If the area is to be painted with a gloss or semi-gloss paint

·         When you prefer using dark colors on your walls or ceilings

·         When the area is affected by critical lighting conditions

·         When the wall or the ceiling is largely flat

·         When you want to achieve a complete smooth finish absent of any visible textures and imperfections

·         In areas with large windows and skylights that results to glancing light

·         When spot light or artificial silhouette is preferred

                                       How is a Level 5 Finish Achieved?

The main goal of a Level 5 Finish is to eliminate all imperfections, textures and marks from your walls and ceilings. It gives it a high standard smooth finish. A level 5 Finish expert does these in two ways:

·         Skimming the entire surface of the drywall or ceiling with a very thin coat of drywall mud in order to hide any imperfections

Alpha Builders Group – Custom Home Builder - Drywall Level 5

Alpha Builders Group – Custom Home Builder – Drywall Level 5

·         Spraying a smooth finishing product on to the wall or ceiling

                                   Hire the experts for a perfect Level 5 Finish

These Level 5 Finish methods above may sound easy but they are very hard to perfect. Only the most experienced skilled workers can achieve it.

Thankfully, you can request a Level 5 Finish from Alpha Builders Group. We have the most skilled workers that could do the job perfectly. The experiences we have with doing smooth finishes so far exceed our competitors. With Alpha Builders Group, we ensure every step of the Level 5 Finishing process is done meticulously by our expert contractors and according to the set rules of smooth finishing.

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