Human Factor Design and Ergonomics is the Focus for All of ABGs New Homes as well as Our New Modern Homes on Tillery Street in East Austin, Texas

The designs of the homes from Alpha Builders Group focus on the look and feel but do not forget about the comfort and efficiency. We make sure to look at every room in the house with the same care and attention to detail as we do to the important aspects of living in our homes on a day to day basis. It’s of utmost importance to have the best most Ergonomically designed home with full consideration of the Human Factor in each and every home we build.


The Alpha Builders Group Design Team, strongly implement Human Factor Design and Ergonomics in to every home. Human factors and ergonomics (HFE) is the study of how to make technological systems safe, effective, and easy and enjoyable to use. It’s something we firmly believe in and incorporate in every design.

HFE is so important to us that we focus on it during our design process. It guides our designs and helps to ensure the quality and comfort of our office spaces in our beautiful homes and condos. Our design team looks in to every square inch when it comes to the home office space with the perfect design layout. Alpha Builders Group strongly believes in the use of natural light knowing natural light is a huge factor in providing for the vitality of the human work place providing energy to our minds and bodies. Moreover, we carefully select lighting packages knowing how important it is for our future homeowners when it comes to working from home, especially in these uncertain times when comfort and familiarity are so critical.

Furthermore, we seek and find the best areas on the walls and floors to place low voltage needs including the latest Cat 6/Cable/Ethernet provisions as well as the best location for TV and Computer Display viewing in every office. We know how important it is to our homeowners to have a comfortable and desirable working space and we ensure only the best designs for that space. It’s certainly a very important aspect for homeowners who are working in the IT industry and are now working from home. But, it goes beyond that to every person living and working in the home. We all need that comfortable, Ergonomically designed space, for peace of mind.


You won’t just find this in our new Modern Homes on Tillery community being developed and nearing completion in East Austin, Texas, you’ll find this attention to the Human Factor in every home we build. Human Factor Design and the focus on Ergonomics goes in to every design we work on.

We have had tremendous interest in our new Modern Homes on Tillery from the beginning and are selling quickly. We will likely sell out of this community fast, so don’t hesitate to buy your new home in East Austin, Texas or you may not have the chance.

Move In NOW … Tillery Street in East Austin … Selling Quickly.

Contact one of our representatives for information about these modern new homes and the available units remaining. Get in now to help customize your new home or come by to better understand the difference a community designed exclusively for the new modern lifestyle can provide. It’s in the holistic design, the quality interiors, and the location near it all.


Share your thoughts with us or contact our Modern Homes on Tillery agent for more information. Stay tuned to the blog for more on these exciting new home communities and come out to visit any of our new modern homes. Inquire with us for more information and be a part of the modern new vibe developing in East Austin.

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