What Flooring Works Best in a Laundry Room?

Like any other room in the home, the laundry room plays an integral part of daily family life. Whether your laundry room is big enough or is a shared space in a hallway closet, having the right flooring installed underneath your washer and dryer machines will make a world of difference – in both looks and functionality.  

Alpha Builders Group - Custom Home Builder - Laundry Room

Alpha Builders Group – Custom Home Builder – Laundry Room


         A few things to consider:

– This room will have plenty of foot traffic – people spend more time in their laundry rooms than they do in their own bathrooms!

– Flooring is subject to moisture in a laundry room; everything from wet laundry to spills from the utility sink can harm flooring.  

– Not only will your family members take a toll on the flooring, but so will the movements of the machines.  If not fitted with the proper footing and protection, the constant tumbling will wear away at flooring over time.

– How big is the space? Not all types of flooring will be easily installed in small spaces.

– What overall look wants to be accomplished in the room?


Depending on your own preferences, as well as the existing layout of your laundry room, the flooring that will work best will differ from house to house.  However, for most average-sized laundry rooms, we recommend using either ceramic tile or luxury vinyl.


      Here’s why:

 Water resistance – It’s important in this vital room!  Even if you don’t anticipate your flooring to be exposed too much moisture, it’s bound to happen at one point or another.  And as always, preventive measures are better than constant repairs.  Both ceramic tiles and luxury vinyl are extraordinarily resistant to water.  This Photo May 18, 1 41 32 PMmakes it easy to clean up spills, while also preventing permanent stains and damage.

Durability – While it’s nice to have any luxury flooring in your home, not all options offer the durability needed for a laundry room. It only makes sense to have the flooring that will stand up to the daily abuse from tumbling machines and piles of laundry.  Ceramic tiles, and especially vinyl, hold up well against daily foot traffic.  Additionally, scuffs and marks are easy to erase, which means flooring can look as good as new for years with the proper care.  After all, with as much time that we spend in our laundry rooms, we’d better hope the flooring lasts!  

Variety – Maybe the biggest advantage to these two types of flooring is their variety.  Homeowners aren’t limited to just a few colors and sizes.  Both ceramic tile and luxury vinyl are available in virtually endless options. With such a wide selection of product, finding the one that works best in any laundry room is easy to do!   


All things considered, the decision comes down to the look the homeowner is trying to achieve.  Luxury “hardwood” flooring is great for those who’d like to have real hardwood flooring in their laundry rooms, but don’t want to risk ruining their investment.  Ceramic tiles, and their variety, can offer homeowners endless tiled looks.

Alpha Builders Group - Custom Home Builder - Laundry Room

Alpha Builders Group – Custom Home Builder – Laundry Room